Sunday, January 26, 2014

So I have abandoned this blog for almost three years now.
Not so much because I have stopped reading, but more because after a while, writing about books - trying to uncover them layer by layer became so taxing! Writing and rating a book after I've read it makes it seem so transactional!

I was tripping down memory lane, re-reading the so-called "reviews" of the 8 books that I've written here, and well, no wonder I felt like it was such a process and got bored - I was being too technical! The 2011 Me bored the 2014 Me with the reviews that the former wrote. So I'm going to give this one more shot. Why, you ask?

I redid my room over the weekend (after one whole year's worth of procrastination!) and this resulted in me re-shelving and prioritizing my books (yes my shelves are caste-based : there's the highest caste, the topmost shelf that I'll wake up facing and there's the lowest caste, completely hidden from the eye). I found out that I had 77 books that is waiting to be read (I actually had 75, but i love the number 7 so i scavenged around the house and found two books that I honestly don't have the interest to ever read and asked them to pretend to be books waiting to be read just so my OCD can be satiated).

What better reason to revive this blog other than to categorize these books as I go along? I'm quite forgetful - unless if a book impacts (actually, even then) me, I tend to faze out and forget the details of the story. That, put together with my constant being of laziness, is exactly why I should revisit the idea of logging all these books.

Now, I'm not gonna spoil the surprise and list them books down. All of us, we just have to find out as we go along, won't we? :)

Til the next substantial post!


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